Wash & Wax is a unique product which separates the dirt from your vehicle and washes it way.  Our product contains wash and wax technology that delivers an impeccable clean while creating a high gloss shine in one step.

Wash & Wax is a bio-degradable, eco-friendly solution which does not require you to pre-rinse your vehicle.  Not only friendly to Mother Earth but enables you to conserve water, lowering your cost.  The simple application process will also save on your labor. No more pre-rinsing, no more constantly running water, no more post-rinsing.  All you need is a bucket, a gallon of water, and Wash & Wax to wash multiple vehicles.

Wash & Wax conserves water and saves on labor which can save you money - call us to see if we can help you increase your profit margins.

Product Application:

Transportation - Trains, Planes, Buses, Trucks, and Cars

No need to rinse or wet vehicle.  Save on water – save on cost.

  • Mix 2 oz. of Wash & Wax and 1 gallon of warm water into a clean bucket
  • Place one microfiber towel in the water, ringing out the towel so it doesn’t drip
  • Wash one area of the vehicle at a time
  • Dry area after application with a clean dry microfiber towel
  • Repeat these steps until your entire vehicle is clean and polished

Even though the water may become dirty, the enzymes are still working hard.  A one-gallon mixture will wash at least two dirty cars. You will also notice the microfiber towel used for washing will come clean as it sits in the bucket.

Your vehicle will shine, and the next rain will gently remove any new dirt build up leaving your car, once again, sparkling clean.


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