Power Clean B, when nothing else works, break out the big guns and say goodbye to the toughest of contaminants.  This bio-degradable, eco-friendly solution fights its way underneath tough to clean dirt and grime lifting them away, leaving a squeaky-clean surface.

Whether cleaning grimy floors, filthy oven windows, or foggy headlights, you will be amazed at the result you get when using Power Clean B.

General Cleaning:

Floors, wood, tile, vinyl, countertops, marble, and granite.

Heavy Duty Cleaning:

Engine degreasing, transmissions, restaurant hoods, diesel, oil, soot, concrete stains, oven door burn glass, curbs, foggy headlights, and so much more.

Product Application:

  • Dilute the cleaner to desired cleaning strength
  • Apply directly to the contaminated area
  • Allow for time to loosen dirt and grime before wiping or mopping surface

 If you are working too hard or cleaning isn’t satisfactory, repeat process and adjust the cleaner strength.


Product Page:  Power Clean Blue