Multi Metal Cleaner & Polish is a deep cleaner and metal rejuvenator.  It brings back and maintains the high-end look of all of your metal surfaces whether they be stainless steel, chrome, copper, brass, aluminum, or nickel. Multi Metal Cleaner & Polish is easy to apply and works in seconds leaving behind a smooth polished surface.

Pair this product with our Power Clean 5 for all your metal surfaces.  Power Clean 5 will work wonders on your stainless steel and let Multi Metal Cleaner & Polish take care of all your other needs.

Let Multi Metal Cleaner & Polish do the hard work for you!

Product Details:

  • Removes patina, oxidation & dulled tarnishes from metals, bringing them back to a like new condition.
  • Lifts old oxidized stains by penetrating deep, leaving the surface with a high-end polish.
  • Conditions the metals to help resist further tarnishing.
  • Use in restaurants, breweries, manufacturing plants, metal fabrication, detailing, and much more.

Product Application:

  • Dispense a small amount of Multi Metal Cleaner & Polish onto a microfiber towel
  • Apply solution to the metal area and leave it for one minute
  • Begin wiping the surface back and forth or in a circle, until you see it come clean
  • Once it is clean, buff lightly using the dry clean side of the towel

If you are cleaning a large surface with significant oxidation or tarnish, use a buffer to bring the surface back to its original luster.


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