Excel attacks and lifts tack and tar from hard surfaces and vehicles to make removal a breeze.  Yes, that’s right, tack and tar!  Don’t settle for a mediocre, labor-intensive solution.  Excel is designed to loosen this nightmare by getting under the surface, making removal much easier than chipping away at the stubborn mess.

To remove tack or tar from a vehicle, just spray Excel on the area and wipe away. It can’t be easier than that. For other hard surfaces, partner Excel to remove the tack and Power Clean Blue to remove the stubborn oily residue - you will be amazed at the quick and easy results, saving both time and labor.  

Fighting with tack and tar will be a thing of the past.

Product Application:

Removal from Trucks and Cars:

  • Spray Excel onto the area
  • Simply wipe away with a damp microfiber towel

If the tack still remains, adjust the density of the Excel ratio to water and repeat the process.  

Removal from driveways and streets:

  • Spray Excel onto the area
  • Wait 5 minutes to allow Excel to work its magic
  • Powerwash away the tack and tar
  • Apply Power Clean Blue to area to remove any remaining oily residue


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